Learning Disabilities

Whilst learning disabilities are not mental illnesses, some of the signs and symptoms may mimic or co-exist with mental illness.

Children with learning disabilities are usually within the general range of intelligence. They may try hard at school and home, but never seem to master tasks.

Some common symptoms are:

  • Difficulty understanding and following instructions
  • Trouble remembering what someone just told him or her
  • Failing to master reading, spelling, writing, and/or math skills, and thus fails schoolwork
  • Difficulty distinguishing right from left; difficulty identifying words or a tendency to reverse letters, words, or numbers, for example, confusing 25 with 52, ‘b’ with ‘d’, or ‘on’ with ‘no’
  • Lacking coordination in walking, sports, or small activities such as holding a pencil or tying a shoelace
  • Easily loses or misplaces homework, schoolbooks, or other items
  • Cannot understand the concept of time; is confused by “yesterday,” “today,” “tomorrow.”

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